Etiquette question

Back when I used to play Tribes 2, each game ended in GG spam. There GG meant Good Game and was said at the end of most games as a good sportsmanship kinda thing.

In World of Warcraft, GG means something different. I think it may stand for Good Going? Maybe? Regardless, it’s meant sarcastically. “GG Noob.” It’s said by some people to point out when a player does something wrong.

My question is, does GG still mean Good Game when playing multiplayer shooters? Is it still spammed at the end of the game by the players?

As a side question, what does GG actually stand for in WoW?


In honor of Harold Ramis’s death, we’ve been watching his movies. We began with the best: Ghostbusters and last night we watched Stripes.

Caution: Spoilers. But really you should have seen this movie once already.

Stripes is a good movie until graduation. Everything after that is just too silly for words. The two female MPs look like young women playing dress-up from the very first moment they are on screen and how they find our two heroes attractive is beyond me. Their characters just get sillier and sillier as the movie continues and well, to be honest, I lost interest soon after the rendezvous in Germany. Once the team of misfits gets lost in Soviet territory, I went to bed.

My favorite scene is the night before graduation when they are practicing in the motor pool for graduation the next day. Bill Murray stands up and gives a speech saying things like “Our forefathers have been kicked out of every decent country in the world.” It’s hysterical. The (admittedly still silly) show they put on in front of the general is highly entertaining as well.

Ghostbusters is delicious all the way through while Stripes is full of serious flaws. Next we’ll be watching something closer to the quality of Ghostbusters: Groundhog Day.

What’s your favorite Harold Ramis movie? (written, directed, acted, whatever)

Monty Python indoctrination

A friend recommended the Monty Python version of Fluxx (a very fun, ever-changing card game) as being good for kids even if they are unfamiliar with the show. So I got it and played it with The Spawn. It was a hit. Now we’ve watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail (with warnings about the very silly bloody scenes) and she loved it. We’ve also watched YouTube videos like The Spanish Inquisition skit. She quotes and everything! Just like a true Monty Python geek. I consider that a win in the geek parenting column. I am still failing on Star Trek, but I have hope.

Saying goodbye to WoW Insider

It’s been really hard for me to put this into words because it’s very painful, but I am really going to miss working at WoW Insider. It was a great place to work. The people from the bosses on down are professional and fun at the same time. And the interaction with the community was fantastic.

Among the columns I wrote there were Azeroth Interrupted, WoW, Casually, Drama Mamas, 1.Local, and Community Blog Topic. I was also the guild leader for the WoW Insider guild: It came from the Blog. I’ve held monthly guild events for years now. Years. I’m really going to miss it.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about my characters in the guild. Now that the non-event sister guild, <The Insiders>, is no longer affiliated with WoW Insider at all and is called <Roll for Blame>, I don’t feel like I belong there. I will probably just play my characters on The Spousal Unit’s server and maybe transfer my high levels from Zangarmarsh back over as well. On the other hand, the people I met in It came from the Blog were so wonderful, I hate to just leave them forever. Yeah, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Right now I have no other paid writing prospects. But I’m keeping my eyes open.

The reaction from the readers has been heartbreakingly wonderful. I am so grateful. Thank you to everyone reading this.

I’ll still be hanging out on Twitter and other social media and I’ll be keeping up this blog. See ya ’round!

Return to Star Wars: The Old Republic

Bounty Hunter

The Spousal Unit bought a new lightsaber and got the Star Wars bug again and I had been wanting to return for a long time, so we are back to playing SW:TOR.

This game is really great for duos. The Heroic-4 quests are a challenge, but can be done with our tank/healer combo. And the experience just pours in. We are at least three levels above the quests we’re doing now on Balmorra.

But when we’re not playing together, I still want to play. So I’m bringing up a bounty hunter. That’s a very different experience in that I can’t do the extra Heroic-4 quests by myself. Sure I could join up with groups, but so far I’ve just been playing solo.

We’ve come back as subscribers so we can play the extra levels that came with the first expansion, but so far we’ve enjoyed playing lowbies more. I may have to strike out on my own on my agent if I’m going to see the next chapter of that story.

Anyone else out there playing SW:TOR?


Cat and toy

Throw this please, Mom.

Suki the cat loves to play fetch. She’ll play it for half an hour on and off all day. During the game, she will sometimes take it into the bathroom to try to lose it in the rug or into the kitchen so she can dunk it in her water bowl. Why she wants to dunk it in her water bowl, I don’t know, but one of her toys got so wet it is now in timeout so it can dry.

She’ll bring the toy to me wherever I am and then meow at me to get me to throw it. Sometimes that means it’s when I’m in bed and not willing to play fetch. She’ll meow a while before giving up. She also tries to play fetch with The Spawn when she’s in bed, but usually fails there too.

Korra the cat will sometimes participate by trying to steal the toy right after I throw it, but is not at all interested in bringing it to me so I can throw it again. She is above fetching, it would seem.

I didn’t train Suki to fetch, by the way. She came up with the idea all by herself. She also will scavenge for scraps by attacking our meals when we’re not looking or eating whatever gets dropped before it can be cleaned up. She seems to particularly like potato chips. It’s not very cat-like. Maybe she thinks she’s a dog. Happily we don’t have to take her for walks. Potty trained = yay.

Suki’s favorite toys are milk rings, by the way. They are very easy to carry in the mouth and roll around on the floor nicely. She’s lost them all though. Time to get her another one. FYI: the ones from Trader Joes are harder to remove from the containers than the ones from Jons. You know, in case you wanted to get your own milk rings. I’m full of useful info like that.