The Anti-Vax movement is Anti-Thought and Anti-Love

I’ve had a bad cold for a few days now. I’ve been going to bed pretty early, but I keep waking up with chills or fevers or both and I often reach for my phone to pass the time until I feel like I can sleep again. I’m pretty happy with most of what crosses my Facebook timeline, so i often peruse it in bed. Last night, I discovered that was a huge mistake, because I came across a post that made me rage. I refrained from rage-commenting — which I am very proud of because it would have accomplished nothing but more rage — but I promised myself I would post today to vent my feelings. Oh yes, I also rage-reported the post to Facebook. That made me feel better. It still took a while for me to calm down enough to go back to sleep though. (Facebook said the post did not violate it’s policies. That’s fine. I still am happy about reporting it.)

I’m not going to link the post or name names. This isn’t about picking fights with or shaming specific people.

The post in question was a link to an article blaming the spread of diseases on vaccinated people. The poster, instead of mocking the anti-scienceness of it all like everyone else on my timeline does, said, “shoot anyone who tries to vaccinate you.”

I’m raging again just thinking about it.

A comment on this post expressed belief in the article and then complained that it didn’t mention the fact that illegal immigrants were the biggest culprits in spreading diseases.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard anti-vaxers blaming illegal immigrants. It seems to go hand in hand these days.

But here’s the problem: you can’t have both. You can’t say that diseases are spread by the vaccinated and also say that diseases are spread by illegal immigrants who are unvaccinated. It’s one or the other. It’s simple logic.


Illegal immigrants who are unvaccinated are absolutely capable of spreading preventable diseases — just like my Mayflower forefathers brought diseases foreign to the natives in this country, killing them off in droves. There are state programs, however, that provide vaccinations for low-income children for free. There are just a few forms to fill out and a few lines to stand in. I for one am happy that my tax dollars are being spent on that — which benefits all taxpayers and their children — and wish my tax dollars were spent so well all the time. You’re not going to hear me be positive very often about how my tax dollars are spent, by the way. But paying for vaccinations is just pennies. And that’s the solution for anyone capable of carrying preventable diseases: vaccinate them, when medically possible. I’m for spending some of our defense budget on vaccinating the world.

It seems to me that there is an agenda by the anti-vaxers that are blaming illegal immigrants. They want to keep those, uh, unwhite? people out of our wonderful nation … our wonderful nation made of immigrants.


I was re-watching Winter Soldier recently and there is a very brief part where Captain America is speaking to Falcon and he expresses pleasure at no more polio. Why is there no more polio? Vaccinations. How can people live in a world without polio and not realize that vaccinations have created that world?


And I just read this story about a family exposed to measles.


I actually have more to say, but I’m tired and sick. I’m not angry anymore though. I’m going to bed. I’m not reading Facebook tonight.

We are kinda sorta almost immortalized as Star Wars geeks

I was reading a post from The Verge lamenting the dearth of Star Wars fans in New York and in it was embedded the following tweet:


I told The Spousal Unit about it, stating that I think that was the line we were in but we weren’t in the picture, but his eagle eyes noticed that wayyyyyy over on the right side of the picture, we were there.

If you can make out the guy with Jack Skellington on his sweatshirt, then you can kinda see the little girl next to him and the woman standing behind but in between two other people. It’s us!

By the way, I loved every minute of the experience. It was a special 7 am Black Friday showing of Big Hero 6 at the El Capitan. We hadn’t seen the movie yet, we love the theatre, and the tickets were cheaper than usual and included popcorn and a drink. We got up at 6 am, drove down there, and got in line.

Once being let in, we got raffle tickets (for tickets to some Star Wars fan thing in April), and we got our choice of drink and a small box of popcorn. (The one mildly negative thing about the trip was that the only fresh thing about the popcorn was that it said FRESH on the box.)

We got seats in the fourth row and happily listened to the organist play Disney songs. He ended up by playing the Star Wars theme when being put back under the stage. We then saw a laser light show with a dancing (kinda) Baymax. They treated us to a few other Disney trailers before showing us both the 2D and 3D versions of the Star Wars trailer. We liked the short Feast and really liked Big Hero 6 and then we saw the 3D version of the Star Wars trailer again.  It was such fun.  

Etiquette question

Back when I used to play Tribes 2, each game ended in GG spam. There GG meant Good Game and was said at the end of most games as a good sportsmanship kinda thing.

In World of Warcraft, GG means something different. I think it may stand for Good Going? Maybe? Regardless, it’s meant sarcastically. “GG Noob.” It’s said by some people to point out when a player does something wrong.

My question is, does GG still mean Good Game when playing multiplayer shooters? Is it still spammed at the end of the game by the players?

As a side question, what does GG actually stand for in WoW?


In honor of Harold Ramis’s death, we’ve been watching his movies. We began with the best: Ghostbusters and last night we watched Stripes.

Caution: Spoilers. But really you should have seen this movie once already.

Stripes is a good movie until graduation. Everything after that is just too silly for words. The two female MPs look like young women playing dress-up from the very first moment they are on screen and how they find our two heroes attractive is beyond me. Their characters just get sillier and sillier as the movie continues and well, to be honest, I lost interest soon after the rendezvous in Germany. Once the team of misfits gets lost in Soviet territory, I went to bed.

My favorite scene is the night before graduation when they are practicing in the motor pool for graduation the next day. Bill Murray stands up and gives a speech saying things like “Our forefathers have been kicked out of every decent country in the world.” It’s hysterical. The (admittedly still silly) show they put on in front of the general is highly entertaining as well.

Ghostbusters is delicious all the way through while Stripes is full of serious flaws. Next we’ll be watching something closer to the quality of Ghostbusters: Groundhog Day.

What’s your favorite Harold Ramis movie? (written, directed, acted, whatever)

I need a new hat

Star Wars

Monty Python indoctrination

A friend recommended the Monty Python version of Fluxx (a very fun, ever-changing card game) as being good for kids even if they are unfamiliar with the show. So I got it and played it with The Spawn. It was a hit. Now we’ve watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail (with warnings about the very silly bloody scenes) and she loved it. We’ve also watched YouTube videos like The Spanish Inquisition skit. She quotes and everything! Just like a true Monty Python geek. I consider that a win in the geek parenting column. I am still failing on Star Trek, but I have hope.

Saying goodbye to WoW Insider

It’s been really hard for me to put this into words because it’s very painful, but I am really going to miss working at WoW Insider. It was a great place to work. The people from the bosses on down are professional and fun at the same time. And the interaction with the community was fantastic.

Among the columns I wrote there were Azeroth Interrupted, WoW, Casually, Drama Mamas, 1.Local, and Community Blog Topic. I was also the guild leader for the WoW Insider guild: It came from the Blog. I’ve held monthly guild events for years now. Years. I’m really going to miss it.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about my characters in the guild. Now that the non-event sister guild, <The Insiders>, is no longer affiliated with WoW Insider at all and is called <Roll for Blame>, I don’t feel like I belong there. I will probably just play my characters on The Spousal Unit’s server and maybe transfer my high levels from Zangarmarsh back over as well. On the other hand, the people I met in It came from the Blog were so wonderful, I hate to just leave them forever. Yeah, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Right now I have no other paid writing prospects. But I’m keeping my eyes open.

The reaction from the readers has been heartbreakingly wonderful. I am so grateful. Thank you to everyone reading this.

I’ll still be hanging out on Twitter and other social media and I’ll be keeping up this blog. See ya ’round!